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    •   July 18, 2011   
    • The Tears of the Rabbits
    • God told humans that he created all the animals to befriend of you and to help you. Why does God say that? Maybe the story of the rabbits offers us the answer.

      Since time immemorial, the rabbits have been humans’ companions. Many ancient mythologies include the character of the rabbit. In the North America Ojibwe mythology of the native Americans, the rabbit is a great deity who had a role in the genesis of the Earth. In the South America Aztec mythology, there are four hundred rabbit deities who symbolize birth, renewal and family love. Also, in the ancient Saxon and Babylon legends, the rabbit is the representation of the spring goddess, Easter, who is the personification of innocence, rebirth and a new beginning. As these legends lived on, Christians started to adopt the rabbit as an important symbol for Easter, its timing coinciding with the arrival of the spring. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9605

      The rabbit is the symbol of renewal and love in ancient mythologies. In many cultures throughout the world, the rabbit is also synonymous to innocence, kindness, gentleness and love. They make friends easily with all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, and pigs. And of course, they are great friends of humans. http://suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/5193

      Rabbits form a strong bond among their own kind. They demonstrate telepathic communication abilities with one another, and they can receive others’ messages from a great distance. Rabbits breed large families. Prior to the union of a male and a female rabbit, the male would lavish gentle kisses on his bride. http://suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/5193

      Soon after their union, they would start to reproduce offsprings, so that they can share their abundant love with their children. A rabbit mom can breed up to 800 offsprings within one breeding season! That’s why they are the busiest parents among all animals. Nonetheless, they still have enough love to go around for other animals and their human companions.

      Indeed, the rabbits do take care of the humans. Can this be true? The Australian animal communicator, Ms. Elizabeth Berger has proved that the purpose of life for the rabbits is to bring happiness and blessing to humans, and they help humans learn gentleness and love. ( http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/7988 ) Last year, Ms. Berger carried on a deep conversation with a rabbit by the name of Häschen who lived in Germany with his beloved human friend, Ms. Grace. Ms. Berger helped Häschen pass on a message of love; he wanted his human friend to know why he came to her life eight years ago. A few months after the conversation, Häschen passed away. Ms. Grace was deeply moved by Haschen’s message for her. She learned through Ms. Berger that Häschen came to her life to teach her unconditional love and to use the language of the heart. Ms. Grace said, “He helped build a protection wall around me. He protected me.” She also said, “He was the reincarnation of God’s love. He taught me about love and the universal law.” http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6626

      Modern science has proved that loving prayers can heal many incurable diseases. Animals help protect people in the same way. Their love and blessing are even more sincere than the humans’. During the talk between Haschen and Ms. Berger, Haschen conveyed an important message from the rabbit species to all humans. They want people to know that they bring to people lots of invisible blessing. He said, “Anyone who is kind to a rabbit will receive great love from the entire rabbit species. The rabbits will protect these people’s homes and bring material comfort to them. The rabbits will guard the people at night, especially the children, and protect them from accidents and harms.” http://suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9183

      Haschen and his brothers have told the truth. On Nov. 8, 2009, during a Washington D.C. international conference, “Humanity’s Leap to Golden Age,” poet and spiritual teacher Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned the loving power of a rabbit, and she said, “A rabbit is also a powerhouse of love; almost next to the whales…or even a chicken.” Master Ching Hai told us that the rabbits are like dogs, cows or pigs; they love humans unconditionally. (http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/featured/547

      However, such innocent and benevolent rabbits are suffering cruel treatment from the humans. According to a documentary by Collision to Abolish the Fur Trade, “Rabbit Fur: Face the Facts,” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFIG775-a4E), rabbit breeding for their fur is a fast growing trade. Every year 50 million animals are killed for their fur, but this figure doesn’t even include the millions of rabbits killed yearly. According to the investigation of this organization, one slaughter house would slaughter 9,000 rabbits a day. Before their death, these rabbits live an unspeakably miserable life. Baby rabbits are pulled away from their mothers soon after birth, and they are locked in small, crowded battery cages where they can’t even turn around. All through their short span of life, they are deprived of sunshine. Their droppings piled on the filthy floor beneath the cages which is cleaned only a couple of times a year. Over 15%, and in some places up to 30%, of the rabbits die from diseases during their growth period.

      The process of slaughtering the rabbits is even more gruesome. They are hooked by one leg and hung upside down. After being electrocuted, their throats are slit. This process sometimes takes as long as 10 minutes when the rabbits remain conscious. Many rabbits struggle in excruciating pain until their last drop of blood is drained. The entire process often proceeds in front of other live rabbits waiting to be slaughtered. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6742

      China is the biggest rabbit fur exporter. One standard rabbit breeding factory can slaughter 2,000 rabbits per day and produce 600, 000 rabbit fur per year. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (http://www.peta.org/), the slaughtering process in these factories is even more gruesome. The rabbits often remain conscious after being repeated receiving electric shocks. They would scream while their throats are slit and their legs cut. Then they are skinned alive with their entire body’s fur pealed off like a coat. Thirty to forty fur obtained through such barbaric method of killing would make one fur coat for the humans. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6626

      Haschen the rabbit, who was well aware of the suffering of his brothers and sisters, lamented on the moral indifference and degeneration of the humans. During his conversation with the animal communicator, he tearfully gave a warning to humans on behalf of the rabbit species: Because of their love for humans, they have to warn people that killing rabbits will bring bad karma for not only the killers themselves but also for many generations of their children. These people will suffer sickness, death and family discord. Those who wear rabbit fur will suffer more sorrows. Those who grabbed baby rabbits from their mothers will suffer miscarriage or cancers. And those who sell rabbit fur will suffer the loss the their limbs.

      On the other hand, people who kindly feed the rabbits will enjoy abundance in many lifetimes. People who lavish their love on the rabbits will always be loved by others in their lifetime. And people who have saved rabbits’ lives will be protected by the rabbits life after life. Such is the generous rewards from the kind and gentle rabbits for even the smallest loving gesture from the humans. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6626

      The Jade Rabbit, is a legendary animal. He has a heart as soft as a feather. He touches you with his breath like a gentle breeze. He stares at you with his innocent and trusting gazes and keeps you company with his calming nature. To harm the innocent rabbits and other animals for their meat and fur is a great shame. People don’t even need their meat for survival. Let us always remember the wishes of the beautiful rabbits for the humans. We also thank the rabbits for their generous love and for keeping company with the humans in such a beautiful way.

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