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    •   1/17/2012   
    • Free book in Apple Store: From Crisis to Peace:
    • Supreme Master Ching Hai's new book <<From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer>> is available in iphone, Apple store fr free download and read: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/from-crisis-to-peace-the-organic/id452606643?mt=8
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    GoGo 12-02-13 04:02
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    I like this book. Be Veg Go Green 2 Save the Planet
    .M.C.Aggar… 12-02-20 01:18
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    I like the books of Supreme Master Ching Hai.I keenly read each and every teachings of Supreme Master. I got initiation of Sound and Light meditation from Ruhani Satsang of Param Sant Kirpal
    Singh and Param Sant Thakur Singh Ji Maharaj.Due to this I also interested in books of Supreme Master Ching Hai
    Summer Ros… 14-06-14 07:03
    Hello... I signed the petition but couldn't download " from Crisis To Peace"
    Have been Vegan For awhile now but would love to read your book ...
    Sincerely, Summer Rose
    Sairy 15-07-10 08:36
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    I also had this issue. But just keep on trying to download and one time it will complete with the full file content. The server or internet may have a kind of unstable issue. Just try more times. Good luck! God bless!

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