• Chapter 3. Organic Veganism to Heal the Planet
      • Chapter 3

        Organic Veganism to Heal the Planet

        Veganism will save our world. Adopting a plant-
        based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming,
        eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and
        it will free up the Earth’s water as well as many other
        precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and
        for humanity. In short, it will very quickly halt many of
        the global problems facing us right now.

        Many of these areas where we are seeing such devastating effects of climate change, such as Arctic melt, lands sinking, water shortage from glacier melt and even storms increasing are all directly related to the Earth’s temperature increasing. So, we must cool the planet, first and foremost. And the best way to stop global warming is to stop producing the greenhouse gases that create the heat.

        We already know about the efforts to reduce emissions such as from industry and transportation. But changes in these sectors are taking too much time—more than we can afford at this rate, at this hour. One of the most effective and fastest ways to reduce the heat in the atmosphere is to eliminate methane production.

        Methane not only traps up to 72 times more heat than carbon, it also goes away from the atmosphere much faster than CO2. So if we stop producing methane, the atmosphere will cool more quickly than if we stop producing carbon dioxide.

        Organic vegan will produce a beneficial, cooling effect as it will cut down methane and other greenhouse gases which are fatal to our survival.

        Organic, because we don’t want harmful chemicals to be sprayed everywhere, and running into our water, poisoning the river, the soil and all living things, making humans sick as well. Also organic because this practice will absorb huge amounts of CO2 already existing in the air, thus cooling our planet.
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