• Chapter 4. Enacting Vegan Laws and Policies > World Leaders Should Set an Example
      • I.  World Leaders Should Set an Example

        Be Vegan

        I would say to them [the world leaders] to use their mighty power to change the diet of the planet.  And adopt immediately, new technology, sustainable energy.  And set an example by themselves by becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Change their diet. Use their mighty power. Use their example, to set a new diet for the planet, the vegetarian (vegan) diet.105

        They first have to be vegetarian (vegan), and then they use their power truly.
          Like the way they forbid smoking.  They could do that by forbidding meat as well, by citing all the harm that meat would do to humans and the planet.  They can do that, just like forbidding smoking.

        Act in Accordance with the Principle of Love

        The leaders must change themselves also, and then in turn change our social system so that it becomes more free and more spiritual, more morally high.  Because they carry with them this responsibility—it’s heavy if they do not act with Heaven’s merciful nature and progressive plan, and if they then do not act according to the principle of the universe.

        The first principle, the most important, that is the principle of love. Anything they do according to this principle, then it’s good.  I mean good for other people.  Progress for people and protection for all and respect for all life—that is according to the principle of love.  Anything else against that is bound to bring disaster for themselves and for their countries, or the planet as a whole. 

        If these leaders try and go into more spiritual aspect to find their real Self, they will know that they’re so glorious, so benevolent, so loving, so kind, so wise and so Godlike.  Then they will see the rewards themselves. But it depends on how great their help to humankind or animals and the environment is, and how much is their sincerity.  If they try their best to help the world, and the number of people that are helped by them, and their sincerity, is great, it is of course the glorious Heaven that will be awaiting them, accordingly.  God knows our heart and deeds, you see?
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